For over a decade, we have been operating as a social enterprise with the goal to assist local Solomon Island landowners to produce one of the world’s purest forms of single-origin cacao whilst also improving their communities standard of living.

It is these communities that remain at the very heart of our passion for chocolate.

We work in some the most remote locations in the Solomon Islands to source what we believe is the best wild harvested cacao in the Pacific region.

We are proud to be one of the few chocolate companies in the world that manage the entire process - from growing the tree right through to hand-crafting our chocolate. We know where all our ingredients come from and only the best are selected.

This bean-to-bar approach and our attention to quality ensures that we are able to consistently produce a unique single-origin chocolate.

For us, it is what we don’t put into our chocolate that makes us special.

We proudly use only organic ingredients and are free of allergens. Our chocolate does not contain dairy, gluten, nuts and soy.

Producing a healthy bar of chocolate doesn't stop with the benefits of being rich in superfood antioxidants, to create a truly memorable chocolate - it starts with the bean…

Our cacao beans are grown organically in one of the purest ecosystems on earth, utilising the traditional growing and harvesting methods the Solomon Islands people have used for decades.

Embracing our own traditional roasting and artisan techniques, all of our chocolates are handcrafted in-house in New Zealand.

Our mission is to preserve the unique taste profile, whose origin belongs to one place and its people… the Solomon Islands.

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