MEET: Laura + Andrea

Our award-winning dark chocolate is made by a handful of people. Working as a team is important to us, so every week we make an effort to get together over coffee - this week, we interviewed two of our lovely staff members Laura & Dinx aka. Andrea.

Laura and Dinx are masters of everything at Solomons Gold, from making the chocolate,  hand moulding the bars, foiling and wrapping. Nearly every chocolate bar that is sent out, Laura or Dinx has had a hand in making! 

We sat down with them and asked them a few questions!

How did you first get involved with Solomons Gold? 

Dinx: When my dad, Glenn first mentioned managing a cacao plantation in the Solomon Islands, I joked about us making chocolate because I've always been obsessed with it. I then moved to the Solomon Islands and live there with my parents. I got to see first hand how the cacao grows and experience the whole process of picking the pods, fermenting the beans and then the drying out and grading.  When we came back to New Zealand mum and dad set up the factory. I have worked on and off part-time, sometimes grading beans, doing office work and over the years, I have done most of the wrapping work.  I am now working full-time making chocolate! 

Laura: I had heard about Solomons Gold through Andrea and I came along for a trial which then led to full-time work! It's pretty awesome that Mount Maunganui has a chocolate factory at its doorstep! 

What's your favourite part of the job? 

Laura: Eating dark chocolate. I love how the chocolate is so pure. 

Dinx: I love being able to work with and learn from my dad - Glenn, it's pretty awesome being able to work with my best friend Laura too! I have been obsessed with chocolate since before I can remember and it's an absolute dream of mine to be working full time in a chocolate factory! 

How do you start the day? 

Laura: Eating! I love having a good old' porridge to start every morning! 

Dinx: I like to make myself a hot drink and listen to the birds. I also love watching the first light of the day change the colour of the sky. I try and set my mood for the day with positive affirmations. 

Favourite Solomons Gold Dark Chocolate flavour?

Laura: It has to be 70% Dark Mint! - I love the flavour of cacao and mint together - it makes a delicious combination. 

Dinx: It's too hard to pick one, I would choose the Dark Mint, Dark Caramel and both the Velvet Range chocolates! 

What's the one thing you can't live without?

Laura: Water! (editors note: she took this quite literally).

Dinx: Again, hard question! I would choose chocolate, my faith and my husband 

Quote you live by? 

Laura: From Harry Potter - 'Don't pity the dead, pity the living and most of all, those who live without love'.

Dinx: Have courage & be kind &  treat others how you'd like to be treated! 

Thanks Dinx and Laura! We love your work. 

 Laura and Andrea of Solomons Gold Chocolate Grading Cacao Beans


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