Our premium quality, allergen free and single origin cacao nibs and chocolate products offer broad appeal as a ‘value adding’ ingredient, and we work in collaboration with restaurants, health food , boutique and gourmet food producers and manufacturers from around the globe.
 We offer a comprehensive range of wholesale organic chocolate and cacao products and these can be tailored to your requirements.
Solomons Gold chocolate kibble and cacao nibs can maximise flavour and offer super health and nutrient value to help differentiate a product, validate a premium shelf price and offer entry into ALL ‘free-from’, health, vegan and Kosher sectors.

Solomons Gold 70% Chocolate Kibble Pieces – perfect for Chef’s and all baking and dessert purposes.
Crushed chocolate pieces ranging from 1mm-4mm in size (shelf life of 12 months).
Available in 2 formulations: 70% cacao/organic coconut sap sugar & 70% cacao/organic cane sugar.

Solomons Gold Single Origin Roasted Cacao Nibs
Available in 2 sizes (4mm & 6mm) (shelf life of 24 months)

 If you’re interested in hearing more about our single origin and allergen free cacao products then we’d love to hear from you.
Contact us at wholesale@solomonsgold.co.nz


"I’ve been cooking with Solomon’s Gold single-origin chocolate and cacao nibs at The Sugar Club since first tasting them early 2014. Both products have a real purity, with a unique flavour that I haven’t tasted before in other chocolate, and my kitchen team and I enjoy creating recipes which utilise them. I personally like the fact that it is a locally sourced gourmet chocolate of single origin that is benefiting our Pacific neighbours on the Solomon Islands."



"It’s been interesting working with such a high quality product, and the impact it has had in the flavour of dishes that we’ve been making for 30 years or so. The chocolate flavour we get from cooking with Solomons Gold chocolate is different – more complex, slightly tangy, slightly citrusy, with a substantial back palate finish. Or in other words, simply better!"