The Process

Recognised as a true superfood, our cacao is grown organically, using sustainable and ethical practices in the pure ecosystem of the Solomons Islands.

Our cacao beans are regularly shipped directly to our bespoke Solomons Gold facility, and it is here that a 100% natural and traditional artisan process sees the cacao beans roasted, crushed, winnowed and then milled into cocoa liquor (also known as cocoa mass).

A slow and meticulous time-line is adhered to with the cocoa liquor conched and refined with only pure organic coconut sap sugar added to produce the untempered chocolate.

Finally, the chocolate is aged to help round-out the flavour profiles and the ‘untempered’ chocolate is then tempered to get the cocoa butter in the chocolate to harden into a specific crystalline pattern.  This process gives our chocolate its sheen and snap. 

This process from bean-to-bar is lengthy and meticulous but it was always our vision to create a world leading dark chocolate and the crafting process is viewed as a ‘labour of love’.