We are passionate about providing premium quality cacao exports and crafting of our 100% natural dark chocolate range but from the beginning our focus has been on ensuring 100% sustainability to benefit future generations of the Solomon Islands people.

For over a decade we have been ‘on the ground’ in the Solomon Islands developing meaningful and trusted partnerships that contribute to the sustainable and ethical development of cacao growing in the region and ultimately, benefit the local community.

Fundamental to our business practice is the ongoing support that our parent company C-Corp provides.  This assistance is on a broad range and we assist growers with technical support, micro financing and financial assistance to improve processing capability via the construction of improved technology drier systems. In addition, a significant premium to domestic cocoa prices is paid by C-Corp to growers who can produce chocolate grade cocoa which meets Solomons Gold specifications.

Throughout our association, we have also supported the broader Solomon Islands community with infrastructure improvements such as new roads, trade services, and construction to benefit our farmers’ community, health and well being. 

After ‘batch roasting’ of our international award- winning bean-to-bar range at our chocolate factory, we aim for zero wastage of all cacao bean ‘by-products’.  For example; roasted cacao husks are crafted into premium, single origin tea.