The deliciousness of pure goodness

How exciting is the trending food market these days? Its so encouraging to see people taking an interest in where the origin of their food is from, what nutritional value the food contains and how their food choices directly affect theirs and their families health. We are always so excited when people thank us, for producing Solomons Gold Chocolate without all the additives, allergens and chemicals. Vegans, Coeliac sufferers, dairy intolerant folk and so many more people are enjoying the fact they have a choice now – good chocolate is making a difference!

We are firm believers in eating foods in their natural form - they naturally are created to suit our natural bodies to provide maximum benefit. Unfortunately, when most foods are processed a lot of the natural goodness is lost. The old saying of “if your Grandmother couldn’t recognise it – don’t eat it” is very true still in today’s modern day. Processed and boxed foods sometimes have less nutrition than the cardboard they are packaged in, imagine that!

We will always hold onto that simple yet successful formula of using pure, organic and naturally good ingredients to bring a chocolate that is naturally delicious and the healthiest option out there!

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